Rachel Lynne

Cozy Southern Mysteries


Ring of Lies

  Book 1~

The Cosmic Café 


Holly Jolly Jabbed
A holiday novella in the Cosmic Café Adventures universe

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A cafe owner and an ex-cop must solve the mystery surrounding a hot blue diamond in order to stop a stone cold killer ...

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When someone gets their tinsel in a tangle ... the holly isn't so jolly.

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Fey Goes To Jail
A Prequel in the Cosmic Café Adventures universe

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Fey Michaels, a cashier at an Oklahoma Indian Casino, lives by the motto, Don't retrace footsteps of your past, you might fall in. She lives and loves freely, making the most of her one bite at the apple called life, but being the sole guardian for her ten year old niece, Ivy, isn't always conducive to being a free spirit.

Knowing a child needs stability, Fey tries to settle and keep her feet on the ground, but hooking up with a Shaman, who thinks ten is the perfect age to begin exploring his personal brand of spiritualism, sets off a chain of events that puts Fey in the crosshairs of law enforcement and Ivy in mortal danger.

Fey and Ivy will have to think fast and keep their cool if they want to make it off the Reservation alive. 

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Spanish Moss and Savannah Specters

A Collection of Short Stories in the Southern Gothic Style

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First Story Free

Hunt or Be Hunted

*A skeptic on a Halloween ghost tour, has an encounter with the spirit realm he'll never forget.

What Lola Wants

*A housewife and erotic romance writer faces writer's block. Deadlines loom and relationships are strained until her muse takes charge.

Fall To Pieces

*A makeover turns an ugly duckling into a swan. She meets the man of her dreams but every transformation has its price.


The Hag that Rides You

*A playboy lawyer learns there are consequences to being a selfish lover.