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A fellow writer on Twitter asked what everyone was doing Saturday. My response was, “if I can get my @ss motivated, I will be writing a week’s blog posts, choosing my Sunday read, and cleaning my house.”

His response was, maybe try music as motivation. I laughed and said good idea, though I didn’t actually follow through, (nor did I get much done!) but his suggestion did give me an idea.

Music is a great motivator. Oh, not in the sense of get a job, or study hard but in the move a little faster, or the opposite, be still, or get cozy with a lover? Music excels.

On my Spotify, I have several playlists named for their functions in my life. When I worked in grocery, I was half of a team that ran the health and beauty/organic/specialty sections of the store. We did the inventory, ordering, and stocking.

It was usually a slow-paced sort of job and my default speed when working a physical job is high. Because the job was hourly, my colleagues weren’t happy if the job was finished before their clock out time, so I had to learn to slow down; and I had a playlist to achieve that.

Old Time Radio shows like The Whistler, CBS Mystery Hour, Escape, and Stars on Suspense were stories I could get lost in and keep my pace sedate. Then, I was asked to take a special assignment doing store resets. That required energy and my usual high speed.

My Reset playlist is filled with classic rock; think Bob Segar and the Silver Bullet Band “Live Bullet” album or Queen’s Another One Bites the Dust. I also love the music of my teens, so you’ll find lots of 80’s songs, ABC anyone?

Music is a mood enhancer; it is a motivator to move. In my current work in progress, Broken Chords, Book 2 in the Cosmic Café Adventures, I have the main character on a rock and roll themed cruise ship. The story is full of mystery, mischief, and mayhem; can we lay that at the door of music also?

How does music motivate you? What types of music do you use to motivate.

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On Sundays, I like to write about things I, or other people do, for relaxation, hobbies. I’ve mentioned before that my main hobby is needlework. I make crazy quilts, I sew, (usually home décor items), I hand embroider.

Before I started writing full time, I would pick up my stitching at least three or four nights a week, now I haven’t touched it in a month. Funny thing is, I had more free time when I worked part time! How can that be?

When I worked for someone else, I had designated days off. I treated those days off as “me time” and did what I wanted, ie, stitch or garden, etc. Now that I am working for myself … I have neglected to make “me time”.

I write 5 days a week, usually from 9-3 and then I pick it up again after dinner and wrap up around 8 pm. I use Saturday for writing a week’s worth of blog posts, and Sunday is for reading a book I will review the following Thursday.

I am fast reaching the conclusion that something must give, if only because I have nothing new to report on my Sunday blog post!

Do you write full time or work for others full time? Do you remember to make ‘me time’ a part of your week?

I slept late this morning and have nothing of even remote worth to write so ...

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