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Did you sing that title? If so, welcome fellow Steely Dan fans! And a big 'hey' to you poor souls that don't know what I'm talkin' about! (Steely Dan is a band, and the blog post title is a song of theirs). Anywaaaays, what am I ramblin' about today? The day after Thanksgiving, of course.

Do y'all do the whole Black Friday shopping thing? Is it tradition in your family? My husband's aunt and her daughter do this every year: up at like 4am and a two hour drive to Charlotte, NC to hit the sales. Conversely, this is me:

More power to you diehards but I must confess that I most likely am missing a shopping gene; to my mother's everlasting frustration. When I got my driver's license she would hand me her credit card and send me off to shop for new school clothes; I returned with a pair of pants and a sweater. Right now, she is reading this and saying "what kind of kid gets their parents' credit card and comes back with a ..." ROFL, me, that's the kind of kid, ME!

I hate to shop for clothes. I mean it. I will wear the same two pairs of pants until they have holes, and if the holes are in non-exposing oneself places, I'll wear them some more! I own four pairs of shoes that are not exclusively for the garden, and one of those pairs my husband had to go buy; I just ain't gonna shop, y'all.

When Amazon became a thing, I was overjoyed! Last year, for my 50th Bday, husband took me to the Georgia Mountains for a week and I figured my garden clothes weren't going to cut it so I did the Amazon Prime Wardrobe thing: BEST INVENTION EVER!

I got a pair of skinny jeans and two pairs of shoes and that will last me another three years, lol.

My husband despises Amazon and online shopping in general. He has valid reasons. One being if he orders and it doesn't fit/wrong color, etc. he will have to return it and wait again, vs just going to the store, trying it on, and coming home with his ready to wear purchase. His other reason is also legit.: if we all shop online we will end up with online as our only option as the brick and mortar stores will go out of business. I get it, I agree, logically what he says makes total sense, but I HATE SHOPPING.

So, can y'all shopping fiends please step up your in person game so my hermit'y' online shopping doesn't bankrupt all the Tanger outlets? Please and thank you!

Y'all have a great Black Friday, may you get all the deals and none of the drama!

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I have a confession to make; the unorthodox Aunt Fey of Ring of Lies and Fey Goes to Jail fame was based upon my mother's older sister, Evelyn.

One of eleven kids, Aunt Evelyn is the free spirit. There are so many Evelyn stories, I am not sure where to start. I guess I should tell you that the ‘hot blue diamond’ in Ring of Lies is real (though not the stolen part).

Aunt Evelyn gave me the ring which is probably why my subconscious wrote her core personality into the story, I promise it wasn’t intentional.

I spent most summers with Aunt Evelyn and her kids. We ate every breakfast at this little restaurant that drew every quirky character a cozy mystery author could imagine and most of them knew Evelyn by name.

After breakfast, we’d either go back to her house to swim or go shopping. Lunch was hotdogs or cold cuts and dinner was usually at Perkins. Evelyn rarely bought groceries. She drank her coffee black so if you visited and wanted cream, you were handed the little creamers she took from Perkins or McDonalds.

Napkins. Oh, my goodness. Her grown son once sheepishly showed me his linen closet and the tower of toilet paper housed inside. Why? Because he said he was traumatized as a child; there was hardly ever any toilet paper at Evelyn’s. A stack of McDonald’s napkins sat on the toilet tank if you were lucky. Everyone knew to look before you sat.

Aunt Evelyn is the nicest person you will ever meet. She will do anything for you and give you her last dime. But she is slightly off-beat to the rest of us and that’s okay because the world would be a dull place without the ‘characters’ of this world.

Ps: so many more stories of Aunt Evelyn to tell. Like the time she got into metal detecting and wandering through abandoned houses, used by drug dealers. Or the time we all went to Toronto for vacation and she and mom got lost during check in and ended up going through the ballroom during a black tie event toting a giant cooler held together with duct tape and brown paper bags overflowing with generic potato chips.

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Saturdays are my day to write the next week’s blog posts. So, Saturdays on my blog are all about easy … and funny.

I adore bulldogs; full blooded English bulldogs, “pit” bulldogs, French Bulldogs, mix and match bulldogs. If I ‘hit the lotto’ as Grandpa used to say, I’d have a rescue home for all the bulldogs; my obsession runs deep, y’all.

Some day I’ll write about my spoiled rotten bulldog and hound mix, and the most precious angel English/French mix bulldog ever that I lost in January; but today is not that day.

Instead, I leave you with one of my favorite bulldog memes.

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