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I’d love to say I am not participating in the whole cliché of New Year’s Resolutions, but that’d be a lie, (and Mama taught me not to tell whoppers). Thinking about what I want to achieve in the new year led me to wonder just why this is a tradition, and me, being me, I went looking for answers.

Did you know that the practice of making resolutions is not new? Or that the ancient Babylonians are credited with getting this ball rolling? Yep, they had a 12-Day celebration at the start of their year and during that time they would plant crops, crown a new king (or re-pledge loyalty to the current monarch), and they’d make promises to their gods, mainly that they’d repay debts and returned borrowed items.

The Romans continued the idea. When Julius Caesar made the new calendar, he declared January 1st as the start of the new year and that date honored the god Janus. Janus was a two-faced god that the Romans believed looked back at the previous year as well as forward to what would come. Romans offered sacrifices to Janus along with promises to be good in the coming year.

Knights during the Middle Ages also made resolutions and by the 1800s, the tradition of making and breaking New Year’s Resolutions was so common people joked about it.

And that is what happens when I fall down a rabbit hole! In 2022 I am focusing on my business goals as the first priority, followed by gardening goals/plans, and of course the seemingly standard Weight Loss Goals.

In past years, I have mainly made weight loss goals (and they always fail, or I wouldn’t need to keep making them!). I used to make a resolution to lose weight and I never really succeeded; a few pounds here or there but nothing significant.

In 2022, I am continuing something I started after recovering from Covid back in August: I am committed to getting fit. The focus isn’t on pounds lost but on health gained, and I am offering to share that journey with all of you that find yourself with the same desires.

The journey I am on looks something like this: find and cook healthy meals and walk 1-3 miles at least 4 times a week.

That’s it, I’m not counting calories or squats. Just committing to exercise and eat right, then check my health at the end of the 1st quarter (March 31st)

If you’d like to start on a similar journey and are interested in forming some kind of accountability group email me or hit me up on Facebook/Instagram.

It might be a private facebook group or email list, maybe a chat on zoom or clubhouse. I don’t know, we can hammer out details if there is interest.

So, what are your New Year’s Resolutions?

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While visions of vegetables, herbs, & flowers dance in their heads …

This is the time of year when everyone starts talking about New Year’s Resolutions and Goals but, for gardeners, it’s SEED CATALOG TIME!

Yes, I shouted that, and if you are a gardener, you understand perfectly; perusing seed catalogs and dreaming of what you’ll plant and where, occupies and fortifies us during the long, cold days of winter.

I will confess that living in zone 8b (Savannah, Ga) I don’t see as many of those dark days and can pretty much plant year-round, BUT I lived in NE Ohio so I know all about winter that never ends.

I have found that garden planning down along the coast actually is a hurried affair because my planting times are so short. I no sooner get the Fall Garden planted than I need to get ready for Spring.

I am a planner in all things. My books are all plotted in various notebooks and computer files … same with my garden. I have lots of jotted down notes in margins of catalogs and on scraps of paper but, when it comes time to make a decision and order, I use planner pages that I created years ago.

Are you a gardener? What do you grow? Which companies do you like to order from?

My favorite is Pinetree Garden Seeds. I love their catalog and the varieties from around the world. They also sell in small amounts, for not much money.

I also like Renee’s Garden Seeds, great recipes and heirloom flowers, though they can be a bit pricey.

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It’s that time again, if you are like me, you LOVE the Christmas season but hate trying to figure out what to buy. The older we get, the less we need, or we just buy what we want/need; at least that is true of my family.

I don’t have any diehard book lovers on my list, my list is actually only five people, (we have cut way down on who we buy for as the kids have grown up), but if I did, here are some things I think are super cool.

First up, Magnetic Bookmarks. Now, these little things are great for more than just books; I have them on my wish list! I have two, and use them for marking pages in my book plotting notebooks and in my day planner. They are awesome little inventions.https://www.amazon.com/12PCS-Magnetic-Bookmarks-Assorted-Exquisite/dp/B091CGS42S

I also love these cat bookends. There are so many different themes with bookends; should be easy to find a set to suit whomever you are buying for.

Check out this book light! I read almost exclusively with my Kindle, mainly because I have old people eyes and it is so nice to read without my reading glasses. This light is great for bookworms that read with e-readers or traditional books.

Tote bags? Who doesn’t love tote bags? Who couldn’t use another one?

Same with a coffee/tea mug. Some very cute book themed mugs out there. I also found wine tumblers and shot glasses if that better suits the receiver of your gift.

Novelty socks! My daughter and her boyfriend love novelty socks and they are “go to” gifts. Here are some super cute book themed socks: complete with kitties!

Know a book lover that loans their personal library out? Well then, they need this personal library kit.

Last on my suggestion list is certainly not least; I LOVE these library card coasters! They are also going on my personal wish list.

Did you see something that helps you fulfill your shopping list? Let me know what you are buying!

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