What's in a Name?

Good Morning! I hope you are planning a day of rest and relaxation; preferably with a great book!

My newsletter subscribers, The Cozy Crew Club, are helping me choose a name for a character in my upcoming Holly Daye Mystery Series and I thought y'all might like to chime in!

Quick Overview of the Series: 12 books, each one focusing on a holiday or festival in the fictional South Carolina Lowcountry village of Sanctuary Bay.

Holly Daye, a former Noble County Sheriff's Deputy, has to take early retirement after a workplace injury. She's always been crafty and when her best friend needs an extra pair of hands to do some commercial holiday decorating, Holly is recruited and a new career is born: along with the crimes she seems to stumble upon!

I can't tell you why this young man is important but suffice to say he is indirectly responsible for putting Holly on a new career path.

Choose a name and I'll go with the one that receives the most votes!

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