Secrets of Seaforth House

The Secrets of Seaforth House, by Angela Cassidy, is the first in the Abbey Mackenzie series. Ms. Cassidy is a first-time author that used her time wisely during the numerous U.K. lockdowns.

The Secrets of Seaforth House is set in Scotland, in a little seaside town just north of Edinburgh. The story starts with Abbey Mackenzie being made redundant from her job as team leader for the fraud division of a bank. Depressed, her friends drag her along on a weekend trip to Seaforth.

A chance meeting with a local man leads to Abbey getting a job as personal assistant to the countess who lives at Seaforth House. Abbey moves to Seaforth and soon is investigating a suspicious fall from the cliff that Seaforth House sits upon.

If you love cozy mysteries, you already know there will be an amateur sleuth sticking their nose into something that doesn’t concern them and solving a crime. I love that formula and I particularly love when authors give new twists to the genre.

The main character of this series had a job that makes it natural for her to investigate suspicious events; I love that. The town of Seaforth is populated by interesting characters and the descriptions of the town suggest I would love to live there; I love that. Abbey’s new job as an administrative assistant is one that I held for several years so I can relate; I love that.

The clues are presented in a casual fashion that doesn’t give the conclusion away but if you are paying attention, you’ll figure it out a little before Abbey does. This book was a pleasant way to wile away a rare gloomy afternoon on the Georgia coast. The Secrets of Seaforth House is a wonderful start to what promises to be a fun filled series.

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