Middle Age, Pop Culture, and Chasing #Trends

While I don’t consider myself old or even middle aged, the 20 and 30 somethings in my life have no problem telling me I’m old. This is usually declared when I display ignorance of pop culture.

One of the 20 somethings recently told me the way to get more blog/social media views is to look up what is trending and write about that topic. Well, he’s a smart kid so I looked up Google Trends. Here is where I shall proudly don my “old woman’ cap.

The number one trend is Taylor Swift. Now, I know who she is in so far as I know she is a pop singer. I have seen her pictures on tabloids while I wait to purchase my groceries; she’s very pretty. I can’t tell you what she sings about or if she is any good. Apparently, that makes me old.

My take is that, according to the younger generations, if one does not embrace pop culture or all things social media #trending, they are old, or a ‘boomer’. By the way, I am GenX, not a Baby Boomer.

But I digress. Why is ignorance of pop culture synonymous with ‘old fashioned’ or ‘old’? I’ve never followed trends or pop anything, even when I was a teen. I would be hard pressed to list pop cultural trends of the 80’s (my teen years) or any other year unless I Googled it. That makes me old? I would have said, discerning.

I think it makes me, and those like me because I refuse to believe I’m an anomaly, independent. I’m an individual. On the day we were taught the evils of peer pressure, I listened! If I like something, be it tv/movie shows, music, art, books, people, it will be because it somehow resonates with who I am, not because it is trendy or cool. Worse, a celebrity or person claiming authority tells me so. When did being an individual become a bad thing? Blindly follow the herd and you might go over the cliff …

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