Inspiration in the Everyday World

Talk to a bunch of writers and take a poll on most asked questions. In the top five will be “how do you think up these stories?”

For me, it starts with ‘what if’. For instance, I had relatives visiting from up north and we went on a ghost walk. While on the tour I heard someone say, I think that building is where that murder happened last month. Well, my imagination started working and I thought, what if someone can see dead people, or hear them? And that person owns a ghost tour company. What if that is how she gets her tour stories? I have some m

ore plotted for that story, but you’ll have to wait until it’s written.

Another inspiration was the time we were attending a concert at the Johnny Mercer Theater in Savannah. The op

ening act was not holding my attention, so I started looking around. The theater is small, and we were on the floor so there wasn’t much more than the stage to look at; I looked up. The ceiling has oodles of these things, pretty sure my retired musician husband called them baffles, that resemble coffins hung by strings. Well, one thing led to another, and the question sounded again; “what if?” What if a body rolled off one of those coffins during a performance?

That night I leaned over and told my sister-in-law

who was also not interested in the opening act) and she gave me the funniest look before laughing and agreeing they looked like coffins.

Thing is, I write mysteries. Granted they are Cozy Southern Mysteries, but still, I kill people in strange and obscure ways and my brain is always looking for more of those ways.

Do you find inspiration in life? Do you turn it into art?

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