Covid and a Derailed Bucket List

I never really thought about creating a bucket list before this year. I have wanted to visit Great Britain and Ireland since I was a child, but it was never on a bucket list. Then I planned a 50th birthday trip with my mom in 2020 and … covid.

I hesitate to even discuss that birthday trip, it depresses me a year later, but it is a trip on my bucket list. I live in coastal Georgia; I grew up in Northeast Ohio. I love and miss the turning of the leaves and the crisp sweater weather of Fall; We don’t really have that down here y’all. Sweater weather comes in around November, but there are no maples to speak of so very little leaf changing.

My birthday is mid October so it was only natural that I plan a trip to see the leaves change and what better place for a leaf peeping drive than Massachusetts and Rhode Island? The plan was to fly into Boston, immediately head up the coast to Salem. We were going to spend the day doing “Salem y “things then stay in Gloucester and visit a gilded age home the next day. From there, we were heading north to visit the Crane Estate, then swinging west for a quick trip to a quilting museum, before turning south and hitting another famous home and garden before ending up in Newport to tour the old mansions.

After Newport we were heading to Plymouth, then back to Boston to catch our planes home. I had the whole trip mapped on Google Trips and had named it the Gilded Age Tour. Mom and I love to thrift and antique shop, so we’d allowed plenty of time to drive the backroads and find little shops.

When a friend that lives in Plymouth told me the state was all locked down, I had to cancel and as of now, I have no intention of rescheduling. But that trip is high on my bucket list. My mom is a young 70 but you never know what life will throw at you and this was a big deal for us. And, too, I spent so much time researching and planning, the locations were personal to me.

Did covid mess up a once in a lifetime event for you? Will you reschedule or is it a gone for good?

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