A Day of Rest?

In simpler times our society reserved Sundays as a day to rest. People generally went to church, visited with family, or indulged in ‘me time’ of reading, napping, fishing, etc. I grew up when those things were still common; just about every Sunday, we’d go to Grandma’s for dinner (which was served at 2pm) and after dinner the women would sit in the living room or outside and talk while the men watched football or whatever sport was in season.

In the past thirty odd years we’ve digressed as a society. We are all so busy, we rarely stop and smell the roses, much less take a day and rest. I’ve seen reports that suggest this lack of time off is due to simple economics, but I think it’s more a result of social media.

What time used to be reserved for reading, drawing, even watching TV is more and more, being consumed by social media and also internet-based content like video games, etc. In my household we are guilty of this. We’ll sit down to watch a show that we should be watching as a family (or more often as a couple nowadays) but we aren’t really watching; we have our phones out and are either replying to someone or posting something we think is pithy.

This will label me old, but I wish we’d never heard of internet. When it first came out, I thought it was amazing, real-time information at my house! No longer lugging stacks of books home from the library or jotting down questions to look up in research books at the library … the knowledge available on command was awe inspiring, but the web has devolved into a three headed monster of politics, social media, and monetized everything!

As I write this, I am comprising a list of things I need to accomplish by Sunday evening. While none of them fall into the realm of internet activity, they are by no means ‘restful’ by the definition ascribed during my childhood. It seems those long ago days of R & R are so much nostalgia ...

I find myself longing for a return to simpler times, when we ate Sunday roast beef with Grandma, played cards on a Friday night with family and friends, and spent a lazy Saturday with a line in the water … am I alone in this nostalgia?

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