Holly Jolly Jabbed


“The letter isn’t in the mail.”

I frowned. The letter wasn’t- my eyebrows rose toward my hairline. “Oh my God, you handed it to her?” I threw my hands up in the air and resumed my pacing. “Of all the idiotic things to do …” I wheeled around and glared at my friend. “Why couldn’t you have just left all of this to me? I could have fixed it!”

“How? She was kicking us out of the association! We wouldn’t be a part of the package tours and you said it yourself, that guaranteed quarterly money helps keep the lights on and- “

“Tina, she could threaten to remove us, but she couldn’t just do that! The other members wouldn’t go along with her, I just had to talk to them and get their support! It isn’t Harriet’s way or the highway, no matter what she thinks. We’ve all just been too scared of her to make waves and too, nobody wants to take on the administration of the group, but …” I shook my head and sank into the chair next to her. “She isn’t all powerful, Tina. There are by-laws …”

For the first time, Tina looked sheepish and a bit guilty. “Well, how was I to know all of that?”

I blew out a breath. “By listening to me and not going off half drunk and writing stupid letters and … knowing or not, blackmail is never an option, Tina!”

Her nose scrunched up as she grimaced. “Seemed like a good idea at the time.”

“Yes, well, I’m guessing that time was after half a bottle of bourbon.”

Tina smirked. “Eh, it’s Christmas, I’m doing spiked eggnog.”

I gritted my teeth and jumped from my chair. “Oh! I give up. What are we gonna do? Bylaws or not, that letter will now sink us in the eyes of the other members.” I glared at her. “I had them on my side, you know. Just about everyone was tired of Harriet’s petty tyranny.”

Tina’s shoulders drooped. “Sorry Ivy … I wasn’t thinking straight …”

“I reckon not, after your date with Captain Morgan!”